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Hunda or Mitsubishi, which 1 would you choose

Posted on May 3, 2011 at 11:32 AM Comments comments (269)
   O.k one of the most argued topics now-a-days among young jamaicans is, which is a better car to have, Hunda or mitsubishi? even among my friends and I, we have this debate on a daily basis. on observing them it is said that one of the main reason why they prefer Hunda is to attract females, reason being that most young women gravitate towards hunda cars because they are both popular n "looks" good. Now the mitsubishi lovers always counter that argument saying the only reason women gravitate to hunda is because they don't know any better, women that really knows cars would choose mitsubishi because they are faster and have better handling. But in doing some research I came to realise the they are both not that different, they are both japanese made, they both are manufactured from similar technology and get this for the speed lovers they both have a suped up version of ther regualr models, with the mitsubishi they have the "Evolutions" and for the Hundas ther are the "Type R" and as far as where looks are concerned hunda more go for the sleek/sprots look and mitsubishi more go towards the musscle/sprots look, just to name a few.
    So with all thhat said, which one do u think would be best fit for you?